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Dry Dock Service

Hansen Boat Co's dry dock system provides a facility for repairs and alterations. The docking system is 140' long x 48' wide with a lift capacity of 866 tons.

The drydock was built at our yard in 1995 and has been a huge segment of our business since it was placed into service. It is used to haul out a variety of vessels requiring various services.

The dry dock facillitates a broad range of repairs and modifications. To name a few of the projects completed with use of our portable dry dock...

  • propulsion system repairs
  • sandblasting and painting
  • hull lengthening
  • sponsoning
  • ABS and hull plate testing
  • renewal of cathodic protection

The drydock is served by a 60 ton Northwest crawler crane.

Hansen Boat Co. is compliant with codes and standards of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and is capable to provide ABS certifications and testing.

Hansen Boat Company is a full service boat yard specializing in high-level service and quality for boatowners in the commercial fishing, workboat, and towboat industries.  We are a full service yard but also work closely with various subcontractors selected by the boatowners to install specific systems within the vessel.

Key services offered at the Hansen shipyard in Everett, WA include:
  • Haul Outs up to 860 tons
  • Hull Modifications
  • Interior Renovations
  • New Pilothouses
  • Conversions
  • Sandblasting and Painting
  • Engine & Equipment Installations
  • Piping System Renewal
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Rigging Work
  • Dockside Repairs
  • ABS Certifications and Testing
* Specializing in vessels with moderate draft of 12' or under

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