Hansen Boat Co
4124 34th Ave NE, Everett, WA 98201
(425) 252-4021
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Our Customers
Just a partial list of the customers we are proud to serve...
  • US Coast Guard
  • National Oceanic & Atmospheric
    Administration (NOAA)
  • Seattle City Light
  • Tacoma City Light
  • Chelan County PUD
  • Nordic Fury LLC
  • Aleutian Fury LLC
  • Pacific Fury LLC
  • FV Beauty Bay
  • Dunlap Towing
  • Bering Sea Fisheries Inc
  • Obsession LP
  • F/V Odin Inc
  • Kenneth J Halpin
  • Arnold G Nelson
  • Kilokak Inc
  • James C Calhoun
  • Gilbert Brothers Fisheries
  • Celtic Seas Inc
  • Solstice Inc
  • Polar Star Inc
  • Royal American Fisheries
  • Dreamboat Annie Inc
  • Ravenwood Fisheries
  • Celtic Lady Fisheries
  • Windjammer Fish
  • Buholm Fisheries
Please contact us with any question you may have about our capabilities and services. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you.
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